VMY Welcomes New Team Member Nicholas Schembri


Nicholas Schembri is a legal secretary and office manager who is dedicated to taking care of the administrative side of VMY Notary and ensuring that the office runs as smoothly as possible whilst making sure that VMY Notary clients get the best service.

Nicholas is currently reading for a Masters Degree in Business after realising his career path through his first full-time job as a clerk at MCAST where he was later promoted to a clerical officer in the Human Resources Department. Nicholas is a self-taught amateur pianist and when he is not working, he composes his own music and plays football.

You can reach Nicholas by email on: or on the following numbers: 21451880 / 79970162

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  • Peter G. Pace O'Shea July 22, 2016   Reply →

    During my time as lecturer at MCAST I met Nicholas.
    Over the time I spent there I got to know Nicholas very well. He is a very approachable young gentleman.
    A charisma that strikes you about Nicholas is that people love this person.
    He radiates goodness and you can feel it when in his presence.
    He is a team leader and also a team player.
    He loves his work and is a very organised person with a clear presence of mind of what is at hand and what events have taken place and what is upcoming and is important.
    Not only does he solve his problems, he is always ready to help others, even though he is under pressure.
    I wish him well and he is warmly commended. Take care of him! Peter G Pace O’Shea MSc. (Educ. Lead.) Leicester

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