Buying Property as a Foreigner

Maltese citizens form part of the European Union member states. If they have lived in Malta continuously for a minimum of five years at any time before the acquisition date, they are free to buy any immovable property without having to get a permit (under Chapter 246 of the Laws of Malta). However, if the citizens have not lived in Malta for at least five years, they can only buy a primary residence or business property without having to obtain a permit. If these citizens wish to purchase a secondary residence, they need a permit specifically for this purpose. In turn, individuals who are not citizens of the EU Member states are not able to buy any immovable property unless they are granted a special permit in terms of Chapter 246 of the Laws of Malta – The AIP Permit. The Notary submits an application for this purpose with the Capital Transfer Duty (CTD) Department and follows up on this application accordingly.

However, some defined areas in Malta, referred to as special designated areas, have no limitations on acquisition whatsoever. The same applies in the case of inheritance – there are no restrictions, and there are many special exemptions. Finally, different rules come into force when there is an acquisition by a body of persons.

Acquisition by Non-Residents